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The South Coast Spine Center of San Diego Offers Power Plate Training by Nationally Certified Power Plate Trainers!

From World Class Top Professional Athletes, to the World's Most Famous Celebrities, The Power Plate Accelerates the Body's Natural Abilities to Improve:

    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Circulation
    • Weight Loss
    • Cellulite Reduction
    • Bone Density
    • Pain Relief

Medical Studies Conducted Worldwide Demonstrating the Proven Benefits of the Power Plate Include:

  • Fast Increases In Muscle Strength & Tone
  • Speeds Muscle, Nerve & Soft Tissue Recovery & Healing
  • Increases Natural Release of Growth Hormone & Multiple Tissue Growth Factors
  • Increases Bone Density
  • Increases Joint & Muscle Flexibility
  • Increases Vertical Jump Height (13% Avg.)
  • Stimulates Overall Neuromusculoskeletal Healing
  • Reduces Joint and Muscle Soreness
  • Reduces Pain Associated With Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and Plantar Fascitis
  • Accelerates Healing of Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Increases Overall Sense of Well Being
  • Low Impact
  • Fast Results
  • Shorter Workout Time
  • International Anti-Aging Machine of the Year in 2005
  • Schedule Your FREE "Step Up To The Plate" Power Plate Test With One of Our Certified Trainers Today at: 619-472-2225!

    Evidence Based Results:

    Dr. Bell brought the first Next Generation Power Plate Pro5 Air Adaptive to San Diego's South Bay for his South Coast Spine Center patients in February of 2006. The results seen with his patients have been astounding! Dr. Bell's success with the Power Plate has been shared with the San Diego Chargers, the Padres, and the Navy Seals, encouraging them to ad the Power Plate to their training regimens. He has consulted with numerous physicians across the country on the benefits of Power Plate Acceleration Training, inspiring many clinics to ad this therapeutic rehabilitation technology to their clinics.

    Here at the South Coast Spine Center, we have improved the Osteoporosis reversal effects of the Power Plate with our customized program of nutriceutical supplementation and customized therapeutic exercise routines. Our patients have demonstrated reversals in T-Scores and Z-Scores based on Pre and Post Power Plate DEXA Scans in only 3 months under our care. (Half the time it took in one medical study (6 months) with just the Power Plate alone.) With our Power Plate Osteoporosis Reversal Protocols, our patients have been able to avoid the potential risks associated with the Bisphosphonate drugs like Fosamax, Boniva, and Actonel, (ie. liver and kidney damage, cardiac arrythmias, rotting of the jaw bone, higher incidence of infections in the teeth and gums following dental work, etc.) and have safely strengthened their bones, improved their health, and reduced the risk of osteoporotic or Fosamax induced stress fractures.  Call us today for a complimentary Osteoporosis Reversal Discovery Visit at: 619-472-2225.  Our friendly staff will find a time and date that works for you, and get you back on your way to stronger and healthier bones, and to being a healthier, happier, pain free YOU!

    What is the Power Plate?
    Power Plate® equipment is the premium vibration device powering a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities. It uses the principles of Acceleration Training™ to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration. These vibrations transmit waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 Arial per second, enhancing overall performance and total body wellness (see below) . . . in sessions as short as 15 minutes a day, 3 Arial a week.  

    Acceleration Training™ on Power Plate® equipment offers a host of benefits, ranging from an immediate improvement in blood circulation, to a variety of other measurable outcomes: such as increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved range of motion, decreased cellulite, increased bone mineral density, reduced pain and soreness and faster recovery.  Our three-dimensional vibration technology continues to lead the industry, and its benefits are grounded in extensive academic and independent scientific medical research.

    How Does it Work?
    Acceleration Training™ with Power Plate® machines creates instability in the human body, as with each vibration the body is forced to perform reflexive muscle actions, 25 to 50 Arial per second. Furthermore, these contractions must work in multiple dimensions as the Power Plate® machines actually oscillate in all three planes, exactly as the human body is designed to do. The net result is an incredible improvement in force production, or strength and power.

    The principle by which Power Plate® machines work lies in the law of motion, stated by Sir Isaac Newton: that the force of an  object is  equal  to its mass multiplied by acceleration, or:
      f = m x a. What this means is that one can improve functional force (stability, strength or power) by either applying more mass or more acceleration to the body. Many forms of training and conditioning use mass - as seen in methods with weight machines, free weights, etc. Power Plate® machines, instead, use the second half of this equation, by applying acceleration to the body, while keeping mass, i.e. your body weight, the same.

    This is a real breakthrough in training and conditioning as we can now optimally “load” the human frame while minimizing high impact, high load, and high stress factors.  Gravity is the force that adds load to the human body every second of every day for every movement we perform. Through Acceleration Training™ exercise, Power Plate® machines make the body feel as though it “weighs” more every time acceleration forces increase.

    The result is that you work against a far greater influence or “load” of gravity in every movement you perform. This is the essence of all strength and conditioning programs and Power Plate® machines simply use a different part of the same equation to achieve this! In fact, the amazing outcomes seen with Acceleration Training™ exercise respect the same biological and physiological laws of the body as witnessed in other forms of training.

    Recent Research:

    New Study Finds Power Plate® Exercise Aids in Weight Loss, Reduction of Harmful Visceral Fat - May 11th, 2009

    Irvine, CA (May 11, 2009) – New research presented at the 17th European Congress on Obesity (ECO) suggests that exercise done on Power Plate® vibration plate exercise machines in conjunction with a healthy diet may help people lose weight and trim harmful belly fat.

    The study1, conducted at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, found that overweight or obese people who regularly undertook Power Plate® exercise were more successful at long-term weight loss and shedding visceral or belly fat (which is associated with a higher susceptibility to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes) than those who combined dieting with a more conventional fitness routine and those who simply dieted.

    The study was conducted over a six month period, after which subjects returned to their daily lives and reported back for retesting at 12 months. In terms of weight loss:

    • The "Power Plate®" group lost 11 percent of their body weight and maintained a 10.5 percent loss
    • The diet and conventional fitness group lost 7 percent and maintained a 6.9 percent loss
    • The diet only group lost 6 percent, and maintained less than 5 percent loss Even more promising was the reduction of visceral fat:
    • The "Power Plate®" group lost 47.8 sq. cm. (18.8 in.), and maintained a loss of 47.7 sq. cm (18.7 in.)
    • The diet and conventional fitness group lost only 17.6 sq. cm. (6.93 in.), and maintained only a 1.6 sq. cm (.63 in) loss
    • The diet only group lost 24.3 sq. cm. (9.57 in.) and maintained only 7.5 sq. cm. (2.95 in.) loss

    "We are extremely encouraged by the results of this study, especially in terms of the reduction of visceral fat," said Guss Van Der Meer, Founder of Power Plate®. "Obesity is a major concern both in the United States and worldwide and we are excited that Power Plate® exercise may provide a low-impact way for people to lose weight and belly fat."

    Power Plate® is the global leader in vibration training products and company most responsible for pioneering the use of Acceleration Training™ through Advanced Vibration Technology. For more information regarding Power Plate® products and accessories, please visit www.powerplate.com.

    1Dirk Vissers et al (2008): Does whole body vibration contribute to a reduction in visceral adipose tissue?


    Click on the Video Below for More Information on the Revolutionary Power Plate

    The Power Plate continues to make news with the testimonials and growing list of world class professional athletes and International and Hollywood Celebrity users!

    READ THESE TESTIMONIALS FROM PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES AND CELEBRITIES: or . . . click this link for more celebrity testimonials


     “The band must be in peak physical form to withstand the demands of daily travel and nightly performances. The Power Plate is that key component in helping us feel and look our best. Taking it on the road made a big difference.”

    - Sting and the Police



    "Power Plate is a fast and effective strength workout and I like it before a round of golf because it helps me be loose and flexible." 

    - Clint Eastwood, 5 Time Academy Award Winning Actor, Director, and Producer.


    “I love that with the Power Plate, I can get a full workout at home in next-to-no time.  I really am impressed with the machine’s ability to target and recruit specific muscles and improve my flexibility at the same time. It just feels good.”

    - Hillary Swank, Actress, Oscar Winner.


    ”The new Power Plate has been nothing short of amazing for Mark Wahlberg’s training. Power Plate has been a constant in Mark’s training routines for the past five years because it gives us noticeable results in less time; in just four weeks, Mark was able to lose over 25 pounds and 10 percent body fat, and the vibrating cables opened up a new dimension of rotational exercises for his core stability.”

                                                                                             - Brian Nguyen, ATC, CSCS and Mark Wahlberg’s Personal Trainer

    "Off-court training is as important to me as on-court. With the Power Plate®, I'm able to accelerate my off-court training and maximize the benefits."

    - Serena Williams, 2012 Wimbledon and US Open Championships Winner, 2010 Winner of the Australian Open Tennis Tournament, and World Champion



    Additional celebrities and world class professional athletes using the Power Plate include:

    Madonna, Shaquille O'Neal, Heidi Klum,  Rafael Nadal, Claudia Schiffer, P-Diddy, Courtney Cox-Arquette, Matt Hasselbeck, Kylie Minogue, Stevie Nicks . . . to name just a few . . . and the list continues to grow.  From Major League Baseball (MLB), to the NFL, to the NBA, to the PGA Tour, . . . top professional athletes are constantly striving to improve their competitive edge. Here's a recent press release describing the growing list of Power Plate users in pro sports:

    View the growing list of celebrity Power Plate testimonials and users at: www.SanDiegoPowerPlate.org


    Be Sure The Power Plate Is Right For You!
    The Power Plate is a medical device and requires medical/professional supervision. We advise you to review the following list of possible contraindications and contact your physician or specialist should you have any questions before training with Power Plate® machines. 

      • Pregnancy
      • DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
      • Acute cardiovascular diseases, ie. heart attack, myocardial infarction, coronary artery thrombosis
      • Recent fractures or wounds from an operation or surgical intervention
      • Synthetic/artificial joints
      • Acute hernia, infective discitis
      • Severe diabetes
      • Epilepsy
      • Acute infective diseases
      • Severe migraines
      • Acute Trauma
      • Recently fitted IUDs, coils, metal pins, bolts or plates
      • Malignant Tumors
      • Retinal detachment/disease

    Note: Should one of the contraindications listed above apply to you, you are not necessarily excluded from using Power Plate® machines. Extensive research is being performed on the effects of Acceleration Training™ exercise on specific medical conditions and, as a result, this list may soon be revised. However, to be safe, we would advise against usage until you have consulted your physician to determine whether this is a relative, or absolute, contraindication.

    Call us today at: 619-472-2225 to find out if you qualify for this amazing, evidence based, . . . and yes, . . . FUN . . . way to BE HEALTHIER, LIVE PAIN FREE, and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!