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Our Patients Share Their DRX Success Stories With You!


Before DRX: “I had 2 years of constant severe lower back pain that went into my right leg to my foot, with numbness. Sometimes I couldn’t even tie my own shoes. I had 2 cortisone shots but they didn’t last for even a month. My neurologist told me that I needed back surgery/fusion after physical therapy didn’t work. My pain got worse. I had 3 MRI’s of my low back and the last one showed a very large herniation in one of my discs.  Another neurologist told me to try the DRX9000 treatment at Dr. Bell’s office before having surgery.” 

During DRX: “I was worried that my pain would get worse, but the DRX treatment made sense.  I didn’t notice any change during the 1st 10 treatments.  On the 15th visit, I didn’t need any more pain medication. Toward the end of my treatment, my leg pain went away completely and my back pain was almost entirely gone. I had to drive a long distance to get to Dr. Bell’s office, 2 – 3 hours each way, and I think that slowed my recovery a bit. I felt relief with the DRX treatments, but even more relief came with the extra physiotherapy provided by Dr. Bell’s staff. ” 

After DRX:Now I feel much better and stronger, especially in my legs.  I feel relieved and more secure and confident knowing that my leg will not give out on me any more. I got another MRI after completing my DRX treatments and the large disc herniation is gone!  I’ve told Dr. Bell’s staff to give my phone number to anyone considering this treatment at the South Coast Spine Center. I would tell them to definitely try Dr. Bell’s treatment program and to stick with it before trying surgery.”

 - Rocio Mora, Business Owner, Mexicali, Mexico


“By the time I found Dr. Bell, I had severe pain for 4 months.  The military doctors prescribed physical therapy that became too painful to continue with.  They also prescribed a steroid nerve block that actually made my pain worse.  Walking was difficult, sitting was very painful and I could not sleep for more than a couple hours at a time. (I was scheduled to have a spinal fusion surgery by the Navy Neurosurgeon)” 

“The first couple of weeks of the DRX treatments were difficult for me.  I still had some pretty bad pain that I felt like calling and saying that it’s just too painful to come in.  Dr. Bell’s and his staff’s confidence that they could fix me really kept me coming when the pain was severe.” 

“After completing the DRX treatments, my pain was all but gone.  I have the quality of life that I enjoyed before my herniated disc and bulging disc.  I had a very active 20 year military career.  I can now enjoy an active pain free retirement.  Avoiding surgery was my main goal.  Because of Dr. Bell’s and his staff’s  commitment to what they do, I have avoided surgery.  The DRX treatment really works.  I’m so happy I found Dr. Bell .”

- Stephen Jones, United States Navy (Retired) San Diego, CA




"Before my treatment on the DRX9000 I was bed ridden for 6 months because my back was killing me.  It was very hard to sleep.  I was in constant pain and I couldn’t even hold my newborn son.

As a ‘last ditch’ effort before my second back surgery, I thought I would give the DRX9000 a try.  I had nothing to lose. I did not feel any improvement until my seventh treatment when the improvement was immediate.

Now I can play sports with my boys, and I joined the Masters Swim Team and I swim five times a week.  I sleep great and can do everything a healthy adult can do.”

- Joe Kryzak, Business Owner, Chula Vista




“After a vacation when I lifted suitcases too many times and drove over 1,000 miles I had increasing leg pain.  Two weeks after my trip I had to go to the emergency room because I could hardly walk.  I was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L5-S1.

I was in too much pain to engage in physical therapy and decided to try DRX.  After only a few treatments my pain had decreased significantly.

Since the completion of my treatment, I have been completely pain free.  I have returned to an exercise program which includes walking, weight training, yoga, Pilates and step classes.  Every few months I return to Dr. Bell’s office for a maintenance DRX treatment.  An extremely important part of my treatment at Dr. Bell’s office was the concern, care, patience and sincerity of Dr. Bell and his staff. I am tremendously grateful to them.  I believe the DRX treatment is a valuable therapy and would recommend it.”

                                               - Jessica Traum, Retired School Teacher, Bonita, CA




Treat Yourself Right . . . Get the Right Treatment for Your Pain

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“Real People . . . Our Patients . . . Real Results!”


 Before DRX: I was constantly in pain without the ability to bend over at all. My low back pain was always present with pain down my right leg. Sitting, standing, walking and sleeping were all painful. Slow, careful movements were required in order to minimize my pain, somewhat. My HMO did nothing but prescribe drugs and recommend stretches and therapy. My pain was consistent for 6 months.

During DRX: My symptoms improved moderately about half way through my DRX treatments. I still had problems bending, sitting and walking. My case seemed to be more severe than average. I chose to stick with the treatments and be patient. I had to put up with the pain some more.

After DRX: I am at the end of my treatment. My pain is significantly reduced. I can bend again. I can run in the yard with my kids. I can sit longer without medications. My leg pain is rarely present.  My lower back pain is steadily improving. I am bicycling several times a week. My overall pain reduction is about 85%. Thanks Dr. Bell.

8 Months After DRX Completion: I have continued to improve since the completion of my treatment, and now I have only slight pain on occasion in my right buttocks when bending forward to touch my toes.  My pain has been reduced by about 95% and my activity levels are back to normal again. Dr. Bell and his team were great! Thank you

-Daniel Gaytan, Chula Vista, Telecommunications Engineer

Before DRX: Neck pain (8/10 with 10 being unbearable pain), 3 of my neck bones were with little or no space in betweenI was getting traction (Triton DTS) therapy, and it helped some, but not a lot, since I was in constant pain. I was not able to breathe deeply and not able to turn completely to look over my shoulder.

During DRX: From the first couple of treatments I began to feel a lot better. I could even breathe better. The pain began to go away.

After DRX: I can breathe better, I am no longer in constant pain, I have more mobility in turning my face side to side, I feel I have a better posture. The tightness around my neck is gone. I am able to look over my shoulder a lot better. The staff in the office really listens attentively to your concerns and gives you the treatment that you need to make you feel better. I will miss being spoiled every time I came into the office for treatment. Thank you so much. 

- Cristine D’Oleire, Chula Vista, Business Owner



“Before seeing Dr. Bell’s infomercial on TV, my low back felt like a nerve was about to be severed whenever I tried to walk.  It would take me 3 – 4 minutes just to get out of bed in the mornings.  I felt so much pain and limitation of movement that I didn’t know if even spinal surgery would help me.  I was very worried about how I could continue to work and manage my business to provide for myself and my son.” 

“When I first started treatment on Dr. Bell’s DRX9000 my back was sensitive.  After the 6th or 7th treatment I started to feel relief.  Around treatments 12 – 14 my nerve pain disappeared and some muscle soreness appeared.  About a week after that I felt a BIG change and healing of my back.” 

“After completion of my DRX & rehabilitation program, I have “0” (no) pain.  Now I’m riding my mountain bike again every day for 6 miles with no pain.  I even kick start and ride my Honda XR600, and I’m planning to pre-run again in Baja; something I thought I would never be able to do again!  I feel like I was treated like family by Dr. Bell and his staff.  I recommend that anyone who is  considering having surgery because of severe back pain, they should definitely try Dr. Bell’s DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Program.  Don’t wait.  You can live without back pain!”

- Brian Boehm, Business Owner, Alpine, CA 





“I had pain in my lower back and left leg starting in October, 2005.  The pain in my back got worse and eventually traveled down into both of my legs. I couldn’t walk more than 5 minutes due to the pain, before having to sit down.” 

“My doctor ordered an MRI that showed disc herniations in my lower back.  I was referred to a spinal surgeon who recommended surgery after  physical therapy failed to help.  He told me that surgery was my only option at that point.”

“My son-in-law saw an ad in the paper that led me to Dr. Bell’s office.  Due to my age and the severity of my pain, I was very skeptical at first.  But after my 10th treatment, my back pain started to go away and I continued to improve.”

Since completing my treatment with Dr. Bell , my leg pain and back pain have disappeared, and now I am free of pain and able to do all of the things I used to do.  I’m riding my bike 30-40 minutes every day, exercising, gardening and doing all of my housework, without any pain anymore!”

Sigrid Koebke, Homemaker, Calrsbad, CA


Surgery May Not Be "YOUR ONLY OPTION." 

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“Our Patients . . . Real People. . . Real Results!”


“I was originally injured in an automobile accident in the early 1980's.  By 2003 I was in considerable pain and decided to finally get the disk surgery.  The surgery helped for about six months and then I started to have pain again.

In late 2005 I was told by my Doctor that I should try cortisone injections in hopes of putting off a second surgery for a few years. I went through 3 weeks of injections and felt good for about a month, then the pain returned.  Since my injury I have tried everything I could find to get relief. . . On a good day I was taking 1200 mg of ibuprofen, the rest of the time I was on Vicodin, sleeping pills and other pain killers.

Then I was introduced to Dr Bell.  I cannot express the difference this treatment has had on my life.  After 3 treatments on the DRX I slept for a full 8 hours without waking. I have enjoyed a good night’s sleep ever since. I have virtually no pain, . . . and I feel wonderful.

I know that Dr. Bell will attribute all my progress to the DRX, however I think a great deal of the credit should go to Dr. Bell and his staff. The care I received at their facility is second to none. They are dedicated to their patients and spend whatever time is necessary to make the treatment a success.  They took the time to explain not only the goals for my situation, but told me what to expect and how best to accomplish it.  I have given Dr. Bell permission to give out my telephone number or email to anyone who would like to talk to me about having this incredible treatment!

- Mike Ing, Cartographer and CEO, Julian, CA

 “I was forced to retire after 49 years as a nurse because of severe, constant low back pain.  I could walk or stand for only 5-10 minutes at a time.  While the doctors were happy to offer pain medications, I was looking for a better solution.  I rarely slept more than 3-4 hours a night.  One night, I heard a discussion of Spinal Decompression on the radio.  I called and made an appointment with Dr. Bell for a consultation and evaluation.  I was very impressed with Dr. Bell’s clear, concise and thorough explanation of the procedure and the total treatment plan.”

“The treatments were relaxing and pain free.  The staff was extremely caring and concerned. I continued to receive health  teaching and information to improve body mechanics from Dr. Bell.  During the second week I noticed some pain reduction and more important, I could sleep through the night – something I hadn’t done in 12 years!”

“I have continued to have pain reduction and to sleep well.  I am also trying to follow Dr. Bell’s exercise instructions.  As a registered nurse for more than 50 years, I would highly recommend his evaluation and treatment plan for anyone with low back pain!”

- Patricia Manning, Registered Nurse (Retired), San Diego, CA




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“Our Patients . . . Real People. . . Real Results!”


“Before my treatment with Dr. Bell, I arrived with intense pain, walking with much difficulty, barely able to stand up.  I would go to sleep with pain, could only sleep for 3 hours, and would wake up with pain. If I walked only 1 block, I would have to rest for a week afterward.  The pain was constant.

After starting my DRX treatment, I was able to stand and walk without pain.  I could go to bed and wake up without pain. There was a very minor pain, but very minor, and only with certain movements, that continued to diminish.

Now I feel well and happy as a result of having no further pain.  The days of sleepless nights and constant pain are now only a memory.  I continue taking care of myself as instructed by Dr. Bell, taking the supplements he gave me which also help relieve my arthritis. I feel better each time I come to his officeThank You” to Dr. Bell for changing my life and for your caring attention.”

 - Nora Nunez, Homemaker, Ensenada, Mexico



“Before coming to see Dr. Bell, I was not able to stand for any length of time.  The pain in my lower back was excruciating and I would have to sit down. 

After starting decompression therapy with Dr. Bell, I could see an improvement by the second week of treatment.  I was able to stand for about half an hour without pain.

Now I can stand as long as I choose.  The treatment made a huge difference in my life.  I also believe I grew an inch!”

- LeRoy Ahmundson, Imperial Beach



“I came to Dr. Bell’s office a few months ago.  Before coming to his office, I had chiropractic care for 1-1/2 years, but still had neck pain and headaches almost every day.  I couldn’t sleep.  My life was miserable. 

I saw the information about the DRX9000 on TV and I made a decision right away.  I knew it’s the therapy I was looking for; non-surgical and non-painful treatment. 

The results came very fast.  After a few weeks, everything changed.  My life became once again pain free.   I feel great now!  I can sleep all night long.  My muscles are stronger.  I feel wonderful and I really enjoy my life! 

Thank God for people like Dr. Bell and his staff .  They did a wonderful job.  Being around people like them is a blessing.  I would like to recommend them for everyone who has spine problems. They are the best!!!  I can’t explain how much I appreciate that!”

 - Mariola Glura, Registered Nurse, San Diego, CA



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“Our Patients . . . Real People. . . Real Results!”


“I’m 70 years old, and I suffered from constant low back pain, level 10/10, which traveled into both legs.  I had to stay at home and stop all of my regular activities, and couldn’t manage my normal work due to the severe pain.  My doctor had recommended physical therapy, but I didn’t think it would help.  However, when I saw Dr. Bell’s ad for the DRX, it made sense and I thought it might help me.” 

The DRX treatment was very relaxing and I felt relief right away.  I continued to improve as my pain decreased to a level of 1/10.  The leg pain also went away pretty fast.” 

“After completing my treatment & exercise programs, I am feeling much stronger.  My leg pain is gone and my back pain is very mild at a 1/10.  I’m now feeling the “bounce” back in my step.  I didn’t have it before I started treatment.  Now I can do yard work again, and I’m looking forward to maintaining an exercise routine that Dr. Bell has started me on.  I definitely recommend Dr. Bell’s  treatment program for low back and leg pain.  I’m close to 100% better.”                                               

 - Dale Olau,  Retired, Chula Vista, CA



 “I’m 82 years old, and I suffered from severe pain going down my right leg, and then my left leg to the foot.  At times, it was so bad that I couldn’t walk.  A friend of mine who had experienced the same type of pain told me how she was cured of her severe leg and back pain with Dr. Bell’s treatment program. I decided to see if he could help me too.”

 “Dr. Bell examined me and ordered an MRI of my back that showed several disc bulges and a large herniation.  Even though I’m 82, Dr. Bell believed he could help me based upon his past success with others close to my age.”

“The treatments felt good and the relief was gentle, gradual, relaxing, and painless.  I got better faster than I thought, and in a few short weeks, my pain has completely gone away!”

“After my DRX treatment, my back feels good and I have no more pain in either leg!  I’m exercising regularly and feeling much stronger than before.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Bell’s program of care. Dr. Bell and his staff are truly interested in their patient’s well being and I was treated like family by them.”

- Ruth Delgado, Homemaker, Chula Vista, CA




Spinal Surgery Is Not Your Only Option! If Your Quality of Life Has Deteriorated Due To Pain That Has You Thinking About Surgery, It’s Time Find Out If You Qualify For Our Highly Successful, FDA Cleared, Safe, High-Tech, Non-Surgical Treatment Program!

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Real People . . . Our Patients . . . Real Results!”


“I have been a very active athlete throughout my life . . . until I ruptured a disk in my lower back from bowling!  The pain became so severe that my husband had to take me to the hospital emergency room in a wheelchair.  The ER doctors gave me Morphine and x-rayed my back.  The pain got worse, despite the  medication, and after a few days, it was traveling down my left buttock, hip and leg.  I was really hurting, but my doctor assured me that it was only “sciatica” and she prescribed Prednisone.  . . .

Well the pain got worse, so I went to an acupuncturist, Dr. Donna Kater, who gave me one treatment.  When I returned with no improvement, she told me that it was more than just sciatica and immediately referred me to Dr. Bell, since he specialized in treating serious back pain and sciatica.

After Dr. Bell reviewed my medical history and examined me, he was confident that I had a disk herniation in my lower back, and ordered an MRI at the center below his office.   He analyzed the MRI and told me that I had a very severe ruptured disk, but that he could help me.  I started my daily treatments on the DRX9000 and I began to feel pain relief after my second week of care.

Now I am “pain free” and am able to do all of the things I was doing before this happened, including bowling. . . . I just want to thank Dr. Bell and his staff for their compassion, love, kindness, patience, and positive attitude, and also the DRX9000!”

- Ramah Lee Peralta, Homemaker, Bonita, CA




"I was told by a prominent San Diego Orthopedic Surgeon that surgery was my only option for relieving my severe neck pain.  I had tried virtually every type of treatment available and was seriously considering surgery .  .  . until I found Dr. Bell.

After completing my treatment on Dr. Bell’s DRX9000C, the chronic pain in my neck, shoulder, arm, and hand is GONE!  Next to the word “miracle” in the dictionary should be a picture of Dr. Bell and his DRX9000C!  His treatment changed my life.  Thank you Dr. Bell .”

- Cliff Gonsherry, Forensic Videographer, San Diego







 “I had back surgery approximately 10 years ago.  The pain went away for a short time, but then it came back even worse than it was before.  I thought I would just have to learn to live with the pain.  By the time I came to Dr. Bell my left foot was numb and my leg all the way from my hip was throbbing.  It hurt to walk from my bedroom to my kitchen.”

“During my treatment I was worried that I would have back spasms.  I never did.”

“Now, I love to walk again, even up steep hills. I have no pain in my leg or hip and I can walk without tripping over my own feet.  I have my energy back and I feel better than I did after surgery.  I know that everything is all better thanks to having my spine decompressed!”                                                               

- Dana O’Malley, Business Owner, San Diego, CA





 “Our Patients . . . Real People. . . Real Results!”


“I was treated by Dr. Bell at the South Coast Spine Center for a herniated disk.  I had been suffering with pain for about a year and a half.  I could not sit, stand, walk or play with my children without a sharp pain running down my leg and having to contort my body in different directions to get some pain relief.  The pain began to get unbearable.  I tried other treatments like acupuncture, spinal injections and a chiropractor, but none of these seemed to work.  Dr. Bell was my last resort before I would make a final decision of reluctantly having back surgery.

After 10 sessions with Dr. Bell I began to get some pain relief and after every treatment afterwards, the pain started diminishing. After 20 sessions I am now PAIN FREE.

I would undoubtedly recommend Dr. Bell to anyone and everyone who is considering having or has had a spinal surgery.  In fact, I already have. . .  Now I feel great!!  I’m able to work out 3 times a week, play racquet-ball 3 times a week, and play soccer and baseball with my kids whenever I want.  I’m able to do all the simple things that I was not able to do before this treatment.  I give God thanks that through Dr. Bell and his staff He has healed me.”

- Ramon Alvarez, CEO Los Primos Mexican Food, Spring Valley, CA





 “I herniated a disc in my low back 17 years ago which caused a 75% decrease in  feeling in my right foot and calf.  Then, I re-injured my back when picking up a water bottle.  I felt a sharp pain that dropped me to my knees.  I saw Dr. Bell’s ad and decided to check out his treatment.  The MRI that Dr. Bell ordered for me showed more damage in my spine that I thought I had.  My neurosurgeon had told me that I had the spine of a 60 year-old, and I was only 30.  My 8 hour work day took me 13 hours to complete.”

“Almost immediately after starting the treatment, within the first 3 visits, I felt 100% better.  My sharp pain was gone.  The treatment was painless.  While I was on the DRX during the first 3 visits, I felt tingling in my right leg and foot as the sensations were returning.  I was able to continue working, getting stronger each day.”

“Now that my DRX treatment is complete, I feel no low back pain, and I have 90% of the sensation back in my right leg and foot.  I can finish my work in 6½ hours with no pain.  I tell a lot of people about Dr. Bell’s program and how well it worked for me.  I recommend that anyone with disc related back pain should come see Dr. Bell.”

- Ron Bowman, Lawn Service Owner, El Cajon, CA



Spinal Surgery Is Not Your Only Option! If Your Quality of Life Has Deteriorated Due To Pain That Has You Thinking About Surgery, It’s Time Find Out If You Qualify For Our Highly Successful, FDA Cleared, Safe, High-Tech, Non-Surgical Treatment Program!

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“Our Patients . . . Real People. . . Real Results!”


“I was off work because of my severe back pain.  My pain prevented me from walking more than 15 minutes or sitting more than 20-30 minutes. I had tried physical therapy, and then 3 epidural injections with only temporary relief. My doctor recommended back surgery as my final option.  I saw the ads for the DRX in the newspaper and on TV and sent for the information.  My doctor told me that the DRX probably wouldn’t work, and I was skeptical.  But, the information Dr. Bell sent to me made sense.  So, I cancelled my back surgery and decided to try Dr. Bell’s DRX program.”

“I felt a little back muscle soreness in the beginning.  But as the treatment progressed, the pain decreased and I could feel my back getting stronger, allowing me to increase my activities.  I could feel the DRX stretch my back, but there was no pain during the treatment.”

“After my treatment I have no more back pain and it feels like I never even had a back problem.  I’m exercising, I can sit as long as I want without pain and I ride my bike 30 minutes a day.  I have more energy and can do everything around the house that I used to do.  I strongly advise anyone considering surgery to try Dr. Bell’s DRX program.  I’m glad I cancelled my surgery and came to see Dr. Bell.  If your doctor tells you that you need back surgery, check out Dr. Bell’s DRX program first!”

- Alex DeLaTorre, Driver,  San Diego, CA


 “Before coming to the South Coast Spine Center, I had constant severe lower back pain and left leg pain, at a level of 8-10/10 that made my life miserable.  I had 7 epidural steroid injections over the course of several months, and would literally “beg” the doctor for the next one as soon as I could have it.  I was only able to work 3 – 4 hours per day at best. . .   I couldn’t do much of anything at home, except to lie down.  Due to diabetes, weight problems and smoking, my doctors were reluctant to recommend surgery.” 

“I saw the ad for the DRX 9000 on TV and it really made sense. . . Treatment was relaxing and enjoyable and by the second week, I was off of most of my pain meds.  By the end of my treatment, my pain level dropped to a 1/10, which I consider to be very mild compared to before.” 

“Since completing Dr. Bell’s treatment program I’ve been able to return to a full day’s work with very slight discomfort.  Now I can stand as long as I want, sit with no problems, and I have generally regained “quality of life”.  I highly recommend Dr. Bell’s treatment program and I pass out his cards to friend and co-workers.  People should definitely try this before getting epidural injections or surgery!

- Greg Marshall, Engineer, Imperial Beach, CA



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“Real People . . . Our Patients . . . Real Results!”

 “In 1984 I experienced my first bout with lower back pain.  It progressed to a point which led to my consuming a handful of pain pills at a time. In 1995 I had surgery performed on my back which resulted in no relief.  My Doctor finally admitted that he was at a loss to offer any more relief and recommended I see a pain specialist.  In the ensuing years, I was given spinal injections of cortisone which provided me with temporary reliefAfter a time, this method no longer was effective and I was back to taking pain pills again, which seemed to be handicapping my daily activities, so I stopped taking them.  One day I bent over to check the air in one of my tires.  I was in agony tying to straighten myself up and in 2007 decided to try surgery again.  This time my condition worsened and I was desperate for some relief.  I prayed for a miracle and the next day my wife handed me a brochure about Dr. Bell and the DRX9000 treatment.  One of the best decisions I have made in my life was to accept the free consultation.” 

“Upon consulting with Dr. Bell, he explained that due to the severity of my condition, he couldn’t guarantee any results like those from the DRX studies . . .  He explained if after five treatments I didn’t show any progress, I would be excused from the program at no cost.  Having nothing to lose, I immediately requested we move forward.

After starting my DRX treatment, my pain level had decreased from a 9 to a 4/10. Dr. Bell and his staff left no stone unturned to accommodate any discomfort I professed in the ensuing weeks.  During the treatments, they displayed the epitome of professionalismTheir conscientious attention to my comfort and the willingness to go the extra mile made me feel like family.”

Upon completion of my final DRX9000 series, my former pain was GONE, and I was astonished at the amount of mobility I had without experiencing any pain.  I was able to completely mow the lawn without having to stop to ease the pain, wash the car and generally carry out all the tasks which previously had proven to be painful.  The ultimate compliment came when I told my neighbor about the treatments and his comment was, “It must be working, cause you’re walking straight again!”  Periodically I experience some discomfort through my lower back, usually in the morning.  But compared with what I suffered with before, I can assure Dr. Bell that he exceeded the 75% estimate of improvement.  As I write this, I know that there are people who are suffering from agonizing back pain.  I would hope that they hesitate no longer to take advantage of what relief Dr. Bell and the DRX9000 has to offer. This testimonial would not be complete without my expressing my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Bell and his staff for their compassionate understanding.

- Joseph Norton, Retired Navy Officer, La Mesa, CA


Spinal Surgery Is Not Your Only Option! If Your Quality of Life Has Deteriorated Due To Pain That Has You Thinking About Surgery, It’s Time Find Out If You Qualify For Our Highly Successful, FDA Cleared, Safe, High-Tech, Non-Surgical Treatment Program!

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