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Discover how San Diego area residents are finally getting pain relief with our revolutionary "regenerative" treatment program, 

developed at the South Coast Spine Center of San Diego . . . 

WITHOUT Dangerous Drugs, . . . Painful Needle Injections . . . or Risky Spine Surgery!

"Discover The Difference The South Coast Spine Center Can Make In Your Life Today!"

Click on the Video below to learn more.

   To find out if You Qualify, request our FREE Guide Entitled; 

 "A Foundation For Hope For Those Living With Disc Related Back Or Neck Pain", where you'll learn:

              • . . . the major causes of most severe back and neck pain
              • . . . why it doesn't get better on it's own
              • . . . why most medical treatments won't resolve it
              • . . . how the safest treatment available today also has the highest proven success rate!
              • . . . and . . . how YOU may qualify for our advanced treatment program of regenerative healing and pain relief!

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To Schedule an Immediate Appointment, Call: 619-472-2225 

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Will Help You Get Started On Your Way To Recovery!

We Are Conveniently Located Within 20 Minutes of Most Parts of San Diego

In Beautiful Otay Ranch at: 1750 E. Palomar Street, Suites 6 & 7, Chula Vista, CA 91913

(for directions click here)

Our Patients Share Their DRX Success Stories With You!

RESULTS . . . Are what matter the most to us, or for that matter, to anyone looking for healing and relief of debilitating pain. Here you'll find a few inspiring stories of the successful results of our own patients who have experienced pain relief, healing, and life restoration at our center. You can see more of our DRX Success Stories by clicking here  or the Testimonials  tab. (These testimonials were written by patients of the South Coast Spine Center in San Diego. They did not receive any compensation or inducement in exchange for their testimonials. They have given us permission to share their success stories with a desire to encourage and inspire others who are suffering as they once were, with hope for healing as they have experienced with our program of care.) 

 I came in to Dr. Bell’s office with severe back pain, no range of motion in my left leg, and complete numbness from my mid thigh down to my toes. Walking wasn’t too much of an option, let alone functioning. I did my MRI and was diagnosed with 2 severe herniations at L4 and L5. I was given the option to go either way; Surgery or DRX. I must admit, working in the medical field in the surgery specialty I was skeptical. (Of both surgical and non-surgical options)

After my 2nd DRX treatment I was regaining some feeling in my left lower leg and was beginning to walk using a walker. As treatments continued I gradually saw improvements.  As the pain began to decrease, my leg regained feeling and by the beginning of my 2nd week, I was walking with no walker (Pain down from 10/10 to 4/10).

After completing my treatment at the South Coast Spine Center I had zero pain and full feeling in my left leg and toes. I’m now back to work and am a full time employee and a full time Mom to a 2 year old. Dr. Bell, his team and the DRX saved my life. I’m currently working in the medical field and refer patients suffering from back and neck pain to Dr. Bell. I’m forever grateful! Thank you guys!

Brialonna Turner, Organ Transplant Assistant, Proud Mommy of a 2 year old Son, Chula Vista, CA

For the last five years I have lived with severe lower back pain, most days were unbearable. My condition was so bad that I should have been in a wheelchair, problem was, I couldn't sit down, even if I wanted to, or stand or bend or anything for that matter, no position was comfortable. I had a massive herniated L5 disk as well as signs of degeneration in my L4, L3, and L2. 

I am extremely thankful for people like Dr. Bell, who's most important objective as a doctor is patient care. There is one reason and one reason alone that he is in his line of work, because he loves it, period. Dr. Bell told me in the beginning, "We're going to do whatever it takes to get you to 100% no matter what", and that's exactly what they did.

After my treatment program I am pain free!!! In order or you to see the best results, you "must" strictly abide by their guidelines. Dr. Bell and his staff cannot do all the work, you have to meet them half way and do your part.  All in all, Dr. Bell and his staff are phenomenal, they really do care about their patients and go well above and beyond their normal every day duties to make sure your experience at the South Coast Spine Center is a memorable one.

David M. Krueger, KUSI TV Video Production,  Poway, CA

Before coming to the South Coast Spine Center, I had constant lower back pain for more than 3 years. The pain got to be so bad that I was no longer able to sleep more than 4 to 5 hours per night, maintain an active lifestyle and perform a physically demanding job.  It was not only affecting me physically, it was affecting me mentally.  I always had to ask myself, "Is my back going to go out?"  If I would go to the gym, play softball, golf or run, it was like flipping a coin and gambling to see if my back would go out or not, and how much pain I was going to be in afterwards.  Every time I would consult a Doctor or end up in the emergency room, I would be given a handful of muscle relaxers and pain relievers and told to see physical therapy. After numerous attempts at physical therapy with different Physical Therapists, I would only experience temporary relief of the pain/symptoms, and soon end up back in the same miserable condition.  I was desperate to find help that would actually relieve my pain and give me my life back.

After Driving by Dr. Bell's office every day on the way home from work, I finally decided to go in and find out what it was all about and if it could work for me.  On the same day that I walked into Dr. Bell's office I found myself in a consultation getting answers to all of my questions.  It was so refreshing to be greeted by such a professional and friendly staff, and actually have Dr. Bell rearrange his schedule and make time to sit and address all of my questions and concerns.  He educated me on their DRX9000 program and how I could greatly benefit from the treatment.  I can't ever recall going to any Doctor's office and receiving this type of professional and courteous treatment, even if I had scheduled an appointment ahead of time. I was sold on the concept and ready to start treatment as soon as possible. 

After starting my DRX-9000 treatment, my pain level immediately started to decrease. By the time I was on my 12th treatment, my level of pain was drastically reduced.  When I started treatment my pain level was an 8 or 9 out of 10, and now it was down to a 3 or for out of 10 after only 12 treatments. Upon completion of the treatment, my pain level is 1 or 2 out of 10, which is almost nothing compared to what I was at for years prior to the treatment.  Dr. Bell really backed up his guarantee of "Relieving Pain . . . Restoring Lives"

Since completion of my treatment program I have been able to return back to having an active lifestyle, and go to work and not have to hope and pray that my back will allow me to make it through the day.  I no longer have to flip that coin and gamble on "is my back going to go out?"  I know my back is going to allow me to have my life back for years to come, and I will do as prescribed to ensure I take care of it properly!  I can't thank Dr. Bell and his staff enough for all that they have done.

Jason A., United States Navy Diver, Chula Vista, CA

BEFORE TREATMENT: After repeated trips to my HMO, I was finally given an MRI which indicated herniated L4 & L5 discs.  HMO recommended spinal epidural injections. I was in severe pain during standing or walking. Through my research and recommendation from a friend, I found the South Coast Spine Center which offered an alternative approach to cure my painful condition.  I knew it would not be a quick fix, but I decided to undergo the treatment Dr. Bell outlined.

DURING TREATMENT: I felt the best while going through my DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Sessions. I started in February 2011 and had already booked a cruise slated for April 2011. I was feeling improvement before my cruise, but during my cruise and other week of vacation, I relapsed a bit and wondered if I would be able to get back to my improved condition.

AFTER TREATMENT: Dr. Bell and his team worked with me assuring success would happen. I am very happy I listened to them as I am now pain free!  It was well worth the time, money and effort I put into this treatment! Things most people do with ease were very painful to me and I felt almost disabled. But now I have my normal life back!  I would recommend this treatment to anyone experiencing painful back issues and specifically the full treatment given by Dr. Bell and his team.

Dan Atwell, Engineer, Chula Vista, CA

BEFORE DRX: Excruciating, debilitating and often nauseating back pain was my constant companion for two years before Dr. Bell and DRX.  Sleep was difficult as pain made it almost impossible to turn from one side to another.  I stopped walking and exercising because I constantly hurt.  When I first went to Dr. Bell for a consultation I could barely walk. I listened to him, I believed him and I committed to the process. After an MRI it was determined that I had 2 bulging disks and 1 deteriorated disk and various muscle issues. I thought to myself, “Good Luck”.

DURING DRX:  The South Coast Spine Center family immediately made me feel welcome and confident.  The staff is very warm, friendly and informative.  My treatments were totally painless and extremely comfortable.  After only 4 sessions, I couldn’t believe the relief. My pain number went from a 10 to 5 in less than a week.  I bragged to Dr. Bell that I could actually put on my socks without holding on to a wall. The sessions continued and so did the decline of my pain level.  I told Dr. Bell that I would absolutely recommend the DRX treatment to anyone with back and or neck issues.  I also loved the strengthening program, especially the Power Plate. I could feel and see my muscle tone improving.

AFTER DRX:  I now am back to walking and exercising.  I can’t stop telling people how good I feel.  I no longer hold onto my kitchen counter when I empty the dishwasher. My balance has improved as did my flexibility.  On a daily basis I get stronger and have almost no pain.

Bottom line, my quality of life has improved tremendously.  I am so grateful to have found Dr. Bell and his staff , they all made me feel like family.  Surely I found them through my Guardian Angel because the results are truly miraculous.  Thank you Dr. Bell and the ladies, thank you very much.

Christa Gowrie, Homemaker, Coronado/Chicago

I was very skeptical when a close friend first recommended that I should see Dr. Bell. Every time I ever mentioned my back problems to her, she strongly told me that I needed to go see him.  I probably never would have, but my back got so bad, I had to do something.  It finally got so bad (8-10/10 with 10 being unbearable pain) that I couldn’t even get dressed to go to church.  Then a couple of other good friends that were patients of Dr. Bell’s also told me of their relief of their back problems. 

When we made the decision to go ahead with the series of treatments, I decided to really commit to it and see it through.  Starting with the first treatments, I could feel the difference with my backGradually I had less pain and felt more and more flexibility and relief from the constant back pain that I had.  The treatments were totally painless and I always felt very relaxed during and after each treatment.

After the treatments I was curious about how long it would last.  It has now been over four months since the treatments were completed and I am still pain free and have much improved flexibility. Another side benefit is my peripheral neuropathy that I had in my legs is much improved. (was unable to discern hot or cold on legs and feet were always numb) I had been diagnosed as having peripheral neuropathy for years, because I’m a “borderline diabetic”, whatever that is. All the time it was caused by compressed nerves in my lower back.

After all is said and done, the money that I spent on my back at the South Coast Spine Center and Dr. Bell is the best investment that I have ever made .  Dr. Bell and his staff are caring professionals.  If you have problems with your spine like I did, they are, in my humble opinion, the very best option that there is.


Gary Burningham, Chula Vista, CA


I had a herniated and degenerated disk that caused low back pain, stiffness and tingling in my knee, and loss of muscle control in my left leg. It was painful to sit, stand, or lie down.  My medical doctor prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxers. My former chiropractor focused on lateral adjustments and my symptoms got worse. I learned about decompression and called Dr. Bell .

Dr. Bell’s consultation convinced me about using the DRX.  It was comfortable, simple, and made sense. 

After 3 weeks (of Dr. Bell’s treatment), all symptoms disappeared.  After an additional 3 weeks of DRX and therapy, I felt fully recovered. It’s now 1 year later, and my symptoms never returned. I can play with my kids and play sports (Tennis and Baseball) and I know it would not have been possible if it was not for Dr. Bell. Thank you.

- Bob Walker, Airline Pilot, Chula Vista, CA

BEFORE DRX:  When I first consulted with Dr. Bell, I was plagued by daily headaches, along with a tingling sensation in my jaw, shoulder and down my right arm. I was unable to sleep or sit comfortably, as I was always trying to change my position to alleviate these symptoms. I have tried chiropractic, physical therapy and had been taking pain medication daily.  I was told that surgery was the only option left for me.

DURING DRX: The first few visits with the DRX offered me much relief and my headaches subsided immediately.  I no longer had the dull ache in my neck and the back of my head.  Gradually through the next few weeks of my treatment, the numbness started to fade and I no longer felt tingling down my arm.  The treatments were very relaxing and I often fell asleep during the session.  Dr. Bell and his staff were always so friendly and helpful, continuously checking in on me throughout each session. 

AFTER DRX: I am happy to say that the days of my chronic headaches are gone!  I had always just resigned to the fact that I would go through my life trying to manage these headaches and I would always take pain medication.  The numbness and tingling in my shoulder has decreased dramatically and I no longer toss and turn trying to get comfortable while sleepingI would definitely recommend the DRX  to anyone who is a candidate for this type of therapy.  It has certainly allowed me to enjoy the activities that I used to do and not be constrained by the pain I used to feel.

-Victoria Frelier, School Teacher, Chula Vista, CA

Before DRX: Working as a Registered Nurse, I slipped and twisted my back at work.  After 9 years of treatment, including physical therapy and epidural injections (which made the pain worse) I could only sit for 20 minutes and stand for 30 minutes. A friend was having DRX900  treatment with Dr. Bell and recommended him. At my first visit it was obvious that this was a caring, honest doctor and staff, no pressure, honest answers.

During DRX:  The treatments were gentle and caused no increase in pain.  My back was sore after the treatments, but the laser and electrode therapy helped. After 4 treatments my pain went from an 8 to a 6. Each succeeding treatment helped a little at a time. Although it took longer than normal, Dr. Bell continued the DRX until my pain level was a 2-3.
After DRX:  Now, (9 months after I started treatment, 0-2 pain only 10% of the time) I am able to sit for 2 hours in a plane, stand for 4 hours while volunteering, and generally enjoy life without constant pain.  I would highly recommend Dr. Bell and his staff.  As a patient, you are treated like family.  They are caring, willing to work with you and they get results.  Thank you Dr. Bell.

- Christine Reeder, Registered Nurse, Chula Vista, CA

Dr Bell and his wife Cyndi must be angels! They are very kind and understanding people that always put their patients first.     

I was experiencing numbness in my left hand that ran up to my elbow and pain in my neck radiating to my shoulder.  The pain was to the point where it was affecting my sleep. I was not getting much more than 15-20 minutes of sleep, at a time, before I woke in pain.

Prior to my treatment with Dr. Bell , I was given steroid shots which gave minor relief for a very short time. I also went through physical therapy and took pain pills. My doctors at that time said that the next step was surgery for a protruding disc that was pinching a nerve.  The surgery was going to either take out the damaged disk and fuse the bone together or replace it with a fake disk.

 A friend of the family had told my wife about Dr. Bell. We made an appointment to see him. His method sounded great but I had to think about it. I shouldn’t have done that because it only added more painful days and restless sleep.

It was a very short time after starting the procedure that I started to feel relief and started to get more sleep. I have finished Dr. Bell’s program and have no numbness, no pain and I sleep through the night. I went from the possibility of having surgery and a lot of down time and more pain to less invasive decompression therapy, hot and cold treatments to my neck and physical therapy to rebuild my muscles. Needless to say the pain was diminishing as I went through the treatment. I highly recommend anyone going through back and neck pain to see Dr. Bell before considering surgery.

Thank you Dr. Bell for giving me pain free days and restful nights again!

- Chris Collette, Engineer, Chula Vista, CA

“After a vacation when I lifted suitcases too many times and drove over 1,000 miles I had increasing leg pain.  Two weeks after my trip I had to go to the emergency room because I could hardly walk.  I was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L5-S1.

I was in too much pain to engage in physical therapy and decided to try DRX.  After only a few treatments my pain had decreased significantly.  As treatment progressed, pain vacillated up and down.  I opted to try an epidural injection and then complete the DRX regimen recommended. 

Since the completion of my treatment, I have been completely pain free.  I have returned to an exercise program which includes walking, weight training, yoga, Pilates and step classes.  Every few months I return to Dr. Bell’s office for a maintenance DRX treatment.  An extremely important part of my treatment at Dr. Bell’s office was the concern, care, patience and sincerity of Dr. Bell and his staff. I am tremendously grateful to all of them.  I believe the DRX treatment is a valuable therapy and would recommend it.”

- Jessica Traum, Retired School Teacher, Bonita, CA

“By the time I found Dr. Bell, I had severe pain for 4 months.  The military doctors prescribed physical therapy that became too painful to continue with.  They also prescribed a steroid nerve block that actually made my pain worse.  Walking was difficult, sitting was very painful and I could not sleep for more than a couple hours at a time.” 

“The first couple of weeks of the DRX treatments were difficult for me.  I still had some pretty bad pain that I felt like calling and saying that it’s just too painful to come in.  Dr. Bell’s and his staff’s confidence that they could fix me really kept me coming when the pain was severe.” 

After completing the DRX treatments, my pain was all but gone.  I have the quality of life that I enjoyed before my herniated disc and bulging disc .  I had a very active 20 year military career.  I can now enjoy an active pain free retirement.  Avoiding surgery was my main goal.  Because of Dr. Bell’s and his staff’s  commitment to what they do, I have avoided surgeryThe DRX900 treatment really works.  I’m so happy I found Dr. Bell.”

- Stephen Jones, United States Navy (Retired) San Diego, CA

Before DRX: I experienced terrible pain on my low back, buttock and all the way down my right leg. For months I was only able to sleep and lay down 3-4 hours each night.  I could not sit for long periods of time. I could walk, but slowly. I had a hard time because I couldn’t do much at home.  I could not put my socks and shoes on.  I had a herniated disk for years.  I learned to live with the problem and the pain in my low back.  My orthopaedic doctor recommended surgery, but I did not want to have surgery.  In February 2008 I ruptured the Disk by coughing.  It was the worst day of my life.  I felt pain from my shoulders all the way down to my toes.  I was taken to ER and they did not find the problem.  They only gave me Morphine.  I wasn’t able to move or walk for days.  When I saw my orthopaedic doctor after a week, he thought I only had a flare-up.  The pain got worse and worse with time, but all he did for me was give me medication and kept me off work for months. I knew I needed to do something about it, either have the surgery or find another alternative. Thank God in June I found Dr. Bell.  He ordered the MRI and told me I had a disc herniation and that I was a candidate for his treatment.  That same day I decided to start the spinal decompression  knowing that the DRX was a non-invasive treatment and that my pain was worse each day. I said, “I have nothing to lose”, and had the confidence that God had sent me to Dr. Bell’s office.

During DRX:  I had my ups and downs during the treatment, but was never worse than before the DRX.  It took several visits before I felt improvement. One thing everybody needs to know is that the treatment is not painful at all.  You will be sore, but it’s normal due to the spinal decompression.  I had a lot of hope in Dr. Bell and his treatment, and he didn’t let me down. He gave me more visits than what I paid for because he wants his patients to get better and because he really loves to help people. Dr. Bell and his staff did more for me than what I expected.  I don’t have words to tell you how much I appreciate all they did for me. I love them and God Bless their family and their business. 

After DRX: I feel great!  Now I don’t have pain in my low back, buttock or down the leg. I have no numbness, no tingling. I sleep my 8 hours a day, not 3 or 4 hours like before. Now I can put my socks and shoes on. I feel I have my life back.  PLEASE TRY THE DRX BEFORE SURGERY! Dr. Bell will do whatever it takes to help you get better because he cares about you.

- Laura Saldana, Administrative Assistant, Spring Valley, CA

“The pain and thought of my particular back was very significant.  My name is Armando Martinez and I am still on active duty in the U.S. Navy thanks to Dr. Bell – who made a difference.  Here’s my story.

In 2001, I fell off of a jet aircraft that I was working on, and was thrown into the landing gear. I broke my tail bone, cut open my leg, and came to find out that I also had a compression fracture with my lumbar 5 and S1 disc. All this happened on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier. Since the ship couldn’t help, I was medevacked to a hospital in Saudi Arabia. 

Well, 5 years later I was in so much pain still that I took about 20minutes to go down 16 steps of stairs one morning.  There were days when I just couldn’t move to the left, right, or even just move because of the pain in my back.  Imagine being in pain. Now imagine being in tears because of the pain and that thought of “How long is this going to last?”  You can’t stand it as you lay there, not even able to go to the store.  I tried all kinds of physical therapists, different exercises, medications, and even 4 other doctors.  What made the difference? People who cared; Dr. Bell and his staff, and of course the DRX9000

I am now jumping for joy and so relieved of having NO PAIN that I constantly tell family, friends, and even strangers where to go for help. I was scared, nervous and even a little doubtful at first, but now, plainly put, I’M HAPPY!  The machine works.  My wife even told me that I am not complaining of pain anymore. I used to have pain and tears, but now I jump, play with our kids, and that is worth everything!! I’m another happy “pain-free patient.  Imagine how you feel now . . . Imagine how you could feel.”

- Armando Martinez, Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy, Chula Vista, CA

“I was originally injured in an automobile accident in the early 1980's.  By 2003 I was in considerable pain and decided to finally get the disk surgery.  The surgery helped for about six months and then I started to have pain again.

In late 2005 I was told by my Doctor that I should try cortisone injections in hopes of putting off a second surgery for a few years. I went through 3 weeks of injections and felt good for about a month, then the pain returned.  Since my injury I have tried everything I could find to get relief. . . On a good day I was taking 1200 mg of ibuprofen, the rest of the time I was on Vicodin, sleeping pills and other pain killers.

Then I was introduced to Dr Bell.  I cannot express the difference this treatment has had on my life.  After 3 treatments on the DRX I slept for a full 8 hours without waking. I have enjoyed a good night’s sleep ever since. I have virtually no pain, . . . and I feel wonderful.

I know that Dr. Bell will attribute all my progress to the DRX9000, however I think a great deal of the credit should go to Dr. Bell and his staff. The care I received at their facility is second to none. They are dedicated to their patients and spend whatever time is necessary to make the treatment a success.  They took the time to explain not only the goals for my situation, but told me what to expect and how best to accomplish it.  I have given Dr. Bell permission to give out my telephone number or email to anyone who would like to talk to me about having this incredible treatment!

- Mike Ing, Cartographer and CEO, Julian, CA

At the age of 49 I was rear-ended again in an auto accident and was told to have neck surgery because of bulging discs and serious degenerative changes in my neck.  Surgery was my absolute last option and I sought help from neurologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, rheumatologists and others.  The accident also left me with abnormal brain waves considered a “seizure disorder”, TMJ problems, a hypersensitive trigeminal nerve and fibromyalgia.  Opening and closing my mouth affected my left ear and I had waves of weakness and un-coordination on my right side due to the abnormal brain waves.

After  years and about 15 different doctors, I found Dr. Bell and was anxious to try the DRX9000C treatment for my neck .  I expected it to be painful but was shocked to find it comfortable and experienced relief during treatment.  I actually didn’t want the sessions to end.  I found dramatic improvement on my range of motion, turning my head without pain was amazing to me and for the first time in 30 years (since my first car accident) I was able to look up, putting my head back  without pain!  That was a miracle!  The big surprise came when the waves of weakness and un-coordination subsided.  During treatment I experienced fewer and fewer, and by the end of treatment they were gone!

Since completing my DRX treatment, my neck is more flexible and more relaxed. I am thrilled my brain waves seem to be back to normal and my TMJ discomfort has been greatly reduced.  I can now bite down more comfortably and open my mouth without hurting my left ear, finally, after 5 years!  I am so thankful to have found Dr. Bell and this treatment.  He has corrected and improved so many of my symptoms by focusing on my neck!  This has improved my quality of life beyond my expectations and I would highly recommend it to others.  My thanks to Dr. Bell and his staff!” 

- Claudia Stahl, Homemaker, Poway, CA

Before DRX:  I’m a 34 year old Triathlete so I thought running thru the pain was normal, but it began to get to the point where I couldn’t even play around with my 3 year old son, it was too painful to do, it put me in a bad mood, and worse mood even because I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours without having to change position and 6 pillows around my body. One of these nights I got up and searched the web for a quick answer. There are a lot of gimmicks out there so I approached this with caution and a lot of skepticism.

During DRX: I quickly got to know Dr. Bell and his staff, they are a down to earth family with high moral values, really nice people. The treatment center and ambiance makes you feel right at home and you can even watch some movies while you’re there.  Nothing is painful and you are well attended, it is actually quite comfy and after a couple of sessions you start to feel the difference. First thing I noticed is that I could put my shoes on without pain or having to sit down.

After DRX: I am now confident that it works and its no scam, the doctor has my number and I will be happy to talk to anyone who is skeptical like I was. It’s been only 1 month since I finished, but I will give you my honest condition of the moment. Right now I am a much happier guy, I can play with my kid, I can run (zero pain) , I can sleep 8 hours straight and best of all I’m in a much better mood now.  (Rudy's has resumed high level competition in Triathlon's for the past 2 years since his recovery)

- Rodolfo Aguilar, Architect, Tijuana, Mexico & Chula Vista, CA

“I had 2 years of constant severe lower back pain that went into my right leg to my foot, with numbness. Sometimes I couldn’t even tie my own shoes. I had 2 cortisone shots but they didn’t last for even a month. My neurologist told me that I needed back surgery/fusion after physical therapy didn’t work. My pain got worse. I had 3 MRI’s of my low back and the last one showed a very large herniation in one of my discs.  Another neurologist told me to try the DRX9000 treatment  at Dr. Bell’s office before having surgery.” 

“I was worried that my pain would get worse, but the DRX treatment made sense.  I didn’t notice any change during the 1st 10 treatments.  On the 15th visit, I didn’t need any more pain medication. Toward the end of my treatment, my leg pain went away completely and my back pain was almost entirely gone. I had to drive a long distance to get to Dr. Bell’s office, 2 – 3 hours each way, and I think that slowed my recovery a bit. I felt relief with the DRX treatments, but even more relief came with the extra physiotherapy provided by Dr. Bell’s staff. ” 

“Now I feel much better and stronger, especially in my legs.  I feel relieved and more secure and confident knowing that my leg will not give out on me any more. I got another MRI after completing my DRX treatments and the large disc herniation is gone!  I’ve told Dr. Bell’s staff to give my phone number to anyone considering this treatment at the South Coast Spine Center. I would tell them to definitely try Dr. Bell’s treatment program and to stick with it before trying surgery.”

- Rocio Mora, Business Owner, Mexicali, Mexico

“I have been a very active athlete throughout my life . . . until I ruptured a disk in my lower back from bowling!  The pain became so severe that my husband had to take me to the hospital emergency room in a wheelchair.  The ER doctors gave me Morphine and x-rayed my back.  The pain got worse, despite the  medication, and after a few days, it was traveling down my left buttock, hip and leg.  I was really hurting, but my doctor assured me that it was only “sciatica” and she prescribed Prednisone.  . . .

Well the pain got worse, so I went to an acupuncturist, Dr. Donna Kater, who gave me one treatment.  When I returned with no improvement, she told me that it was more than just sciatica and immediately referred me to Dr. Bell, since he specialized in treating serious back pain and sciatica.

After Dr. Bell reviewed my medical history and examined me, he was confident that I had a disk herniation in my lower back, and ordered an MRI at the center below his office.   He analyzed the MRI and told me that I had a very severe ruptured disk, but that he could help me.  I started my daily treatments on the DRX9000 and I began to feel pain relief after my second week of care.

Now I am “pain free” and am able to do all of the things I was doing before this happened, including bowling. . . . I just want to thank Dr. Bell and his staff for their compassion, love, kindness, patience, and positive attitude, and also the DRX9000!”

- Ramah Lee Peralta, Homemaker, Bonita, CA

Before DRX:  I hurt my neck severely and aggravated it while practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I consulted a Neurosurgeon in Mexico and he told me surgery was my only option.  I found out about Dr. Bell through the internet and wanted to find our more.  Dr. Bell told me he could help me and I decided to go through the treatment.

During DRX: It required a lot of patience on my part since I do practice a lot of sports and that was eliminated during my treatment.  To compensate for that, my neck pain and arm and shoulder pain started diminishing from the third session I had.

After DRX: Incredible how surgery can be recommended by some doctors who are not aware of DRX.  My neck, shoulder and arm pain went away completely and I am back to doing Jiu Jitsu with no hesitations or problems.  All my compliments go to Dr. Bruce Bell and his great staff, who are excellent professionals but more importantly, quality human beings.

- Roberto Vega, Attorney at Law, Tijuana, Mexico and Chula Vista, CA


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